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YOLO SOLO (aka Karllie) has made the news in more than one place around the world! She has been in online news, television news and in newspapers.

Waikato woman embarks on a solo journey around New Zealand – Stuff News

Karllie explores her own back yard starting with a 500km solo journey on foot.  She follows the Northland section of the Te Araroa Trail, starting at the very top of Aotearoa New Zealand.  She also explores the Coromandel and the lower East Coast of the North Island.

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Yolo Solo’s Karllie​ Clifton takes on Europe – Stuff News

Karllie heads overseas for more adventures.  This includes travelling to over 15 countries and more than 40 cities.  During this time she also spends nearly three months living in Zagreb, Croatia.

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A Kiwi in Korčula tracing her family roots – Croatia Week

Karllie traces her Dalmatian roots to a little island off the coast of Croatia.  Korčula is an island where her grandfather was born and lived until he moved to New Zealand with his parents many years ago.

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The camp forcing kids to fend for themselves – TVNZ

Karllie has spent recent New Zealand winters on an off the grid island working with teenagers who are there on five week programmes.  Karllie is part of a team that teaches these young people some important life skills and much more.

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